Retired eyes

You are replaceable. You may not think so, but all educators are.

I remember when I told a friend of mine, a former principal, that I was thinking of retiring but was uncertain because of all the new initiatives I had started. His response was “Everyone can be replaced.”  I remember thinking no, I can’t. But he was right. Everyone can be replaced. Even though you give 35 years of service, the moment you are gone, you are gone. Your ideas are still there but they are being projected from different eyes.

I have almost been retired for 2 months and the time has flown. Much faster than the first weeks of getting to know your class, and the long wait for the Thanksgiving weekend, but nonetheless, they have flown by.

The hardest part of being a retired educator is the ideas still floating around in your mind that you want to share. So to new and “experienced” teachers a few tidbits of passed on advice from experience.

  1. Give and receive. It’s that easy.
  2. Everything will not go as you planned…be flexible. Those plans are not written in stone. They can be changed.
  3. Be yourself! If you can honestly go in every day, prepared and do your best, you will succeed!
  4. Don’t try to impress. Students know who is in it for them, or in it for themselves. Seize the opportunity to reach out to those who need it, and learn from those who don’t.
  5. Be humble…everyone has a story. Don’t think yours is more important.
  6. Enjoy every moment! There is nothing more uplifting than being a teacher. The days may seem long but the rewards far surpass any other occupation.
  7. Be thankful.

I look forward to the next few months as I continue to keep on top of what is going on in the education system. That is just what we do 🙂




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